PRIDE, Productive Rehabilitation Institute of Dallas for Ergonomics, is a leader in the field of chronic pain rehabilitation. The PRIDE Research Foundation has been collecting and analyzing clinical patient data since PRIDE was founded in 1983. Over 250 peer-reviewed scientific articles, books, and book chapters have now been published. The knowledge gained from this research effort provides much of the backbone of evidence-based medicine (EBM) documentation for measurement of function, use/misuse of certain medications in chronic pain and socioeconomically relevant outcomes of Functional Restoration treatment. This research is also used for internal training, as it gives PRIDE physicians and staff a unique understanding of the nature of chronic pain and the pain-related obstacles that our patients encounter in their everyday functioning. It also helps PRIDE to continually refine its ability to comprehensibly assess patients as they enter the program, create the most effective individualized treatment plans, and to quantify and evaluate treatment outcomes. In addition, by repeatedly demonstrating the positive treatment outcomes that a functional restoration treatment approach can produce, PRIDE's published research has influenced how chronic pain treatment is approached by many other physicians and pain management facilities.

these outcomes may be promised elsewhere, but (actually) achieved at PRIDE
In this section you can see a list of articles and read article summaries on some key reports. You can also request articles on by clicking here. PRIDE is unique in many ways, but especially because it's committed to delivering successful patient outcomes. Individuals may benefit from PRIDE's outcome-driven treatment if they are seeking to reduce pain, increase their physical capabilities, return to work or recreation, improve quality of life, reduce healthcare use and medication, avoid new injuries caused by their deconditioning, and even avoid some surgeries.

These are not simply idle claims, because PRIDE's research proves that these outcomes may be promise elsewhere, but actually achieved at PRIDE.